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Jason Sydney

Jason Sydney, a licensed Managing Broker with @properties has over two decades of experience representing clients at all price points. He works hard to help buyers realize their dream of homeownership, and he guides sellers in getting their home sold quickly and for top dollar.

Whether you are buying or selling, Jason loves to help people like you navigate the real estate process. No matter the market, he has stood by his clients, helping them buy and sell real estate in good times and bad.

Jason Sydney brings to each client relationship, a high level of integrity, expertise, and patience. Through creative marketing, communication, and listening attentively to his client’s needs, he delivers an unmatched level of service that exceeds their expectations.

Buyer Services

Buying a home is your dream, and as a Realtor®, it’s my job to be your advocate in making that dream come true.

Seller Services

With over 90% of buyers using the internet to find their next home, it’s necessary to have exciting and eye-catching marketing to grab their attention.

Relocation Services

We know there are many reasons to relocate, whether it’s a new job, a promotion or the chance to be closer to family and friends.

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